Welcome to Villa Archez


You can have breakfast between 8.30 and 9.30 am. If you want to have breakfast outside these times, please let us know the evening before. We serve breakfast in the conservatory, lounge or on the breakfast terrace.


If you want to use lunch, we ask you to pass this on after breakfast. If you are going out and want to bring a packed lunch, please indicate this one day in advance. Several evenings during the week you can enjoy a delicious three-course dinner with us. We have themed evenings. Please indicate a day in advance if you want to use this.

Honesty bar

You can enjoy a delicious (cooled) drink (the fridge is in the Cantina).  For hygienic reasons it is not allowed to consume drinks, food or fruit bought by yourself in your room or on the terrace. You cannot use our refrigerators.


Every day we clean your room and bathroom. If you want to change your towel, place your towel on the lid of the toilet. Then we provide a clean towel.


Villa Archez is completely non-smoking. We ask that you smoke only in the designated area.

Laundry service

We do the laundry for you for a fee.

Towels/bath towels

There are large towels for the pool. This is free and these are for your total stay. You can rent beach towels from us for the beach.


Water is very scarce in this region. That is why we ask you to take this into account when showering.

Swimming pool

Sunscreen causes major pollution of the swimming pool water. Please take a shower before using the pool.


There is enough space for four cars. Please take each other into account.


We ask you not to flush toilet paper or the like down the toilet, but to use the waste bins.


The guest is liable for damage or costs resulting from actions of the guest during his stay. The costs for replacement or repair will be 100% charged to the guest.


Please turn off the air conditioning and lights when you leave the room.

We hope you will have a pleasant stay at Villa Archez.

If you have any questions and/or comments, please let us know.

We are not liable for loss, theft or damage to your property.